From Games to Mobile Apps, Limpid Logic Builds Network of Happy Clients Using Joyent

March 21, 2013 - by Hannah Simon

Whether they’re building applications for government agencies or social gaming companies, Limpid Logic always puts their customers’ business needs first. As a software and game development company, Limpid Logic creates mobile casual games and applications across different industries -- from banking and real estate to the educational sector. Aside from design and development work, Limpid Logic’s clients rely on them to manage the app’s cloud hosting service. When it came time to decide which provider to use, founder and CEO Bachir El Khoury needed a cloud infrastructure that was both easy to use and relentlessly reliable.

Bachir discovered Joyent in 2007, when he was building web applications for his customers. As a web developer, Bachir was looking for a reliable hosting solution where he could host customers’ web applications without having to deal with server setup and IT overhead.

“I was looking for a service that offered the control of dedicated hosting for an affordable price” Bachir said. “My IT knowledge was limited at the time, and I didn’t have much experience setting up and maintaining servers,” he added. “I was impressed how fast and easy it was for me to create and configure a virtual host on Joyent. It literally took seconds.”

“Since then, I never had to look elsewhere, and my company has grown around Joyent infrastructure as we migrated to Joyent Cloud,” Bachir said. Instant scalability, speed, cost, ease of use, and holistic monitoring are big reasons why Limpid Logic uses the Joyent cloud.

“Using Joyent Cloud is a breeze. Everything just works” he said. “But whenever we have issues or questions -- which is not often -- we get instant feedback from the support team. Joyent service and support is great, there’s always a quick resolution.” Bachir also explained that Joyent is particularly useful for people lacking deep experience in setting up servers, creating a friendly environment for those users where everything is available at the click of a button.

As a small business, it’s vital that Limpid Logic continues to delight their customers. They are currently supporting three major clients using Joyent, including Make Tonight Count, whose Tonight! app reached the #1 spot under “Staff Favorites” in the Australian App Store.

Limpid Logic also builds their own apps and games, and is currently working on a new concept that pushes their boundaries in gaming and technology, and challenges their development skills. It’s a social virtual world that adds an interesting lens to the real-world activities players participate in.

“I can only give you a hint about the game at this stage of development,” Bachir said. “In Ludus World, you play by doing the things you already do in real life. We built the game to promote healthy living, an active lifestyle, and added a layer of fun on top of reality. It’s a new concept and we really hope people will enjoy it.”

As the exclusive cloud provider for these exciting and innovative developers, we can’t wait see how they grow and scale their business.