How Big Data Platforms Should Be Working

August 09, 2013 - by Lindsay Life

Some say software’s going to eat the world, but we actually think it’s going to be objects and compute eating the world.

The way we see it, networked storage vendors' days are numbered. Customers are continuously turning to digital object storage, which will soon surpass traditional file storage as the primary model for data outside of a database management system. But as we’ve talked about quite a bit lately, there's a subtle downside to most distributed object storage: data inertia. Up until recently, the cost and time of moving huge data sets made it difficult to glean actual business insights from this data. Good thing recently we launched Manta.

In this week’s addition of InfoWorld’s New Tech Forum, our CTO and founder Jason Hoffman explains how big data platforms should work and how Manta actually does. He writes:

“With the launch of Manta, it's only becoming clearer that object storage is eating the world of storage. There's no doubt that computation on big data is driving new business models. Our view is that simplified, high-performance compute on stored objects will unleash another wave of innovation and business advantage. Object storage that can also provide analytic insights -- what a concept. Now it's our new reality.”

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