New Relic Standard now Free for Joyent Customers

May 20, 2011 - by badnima

So a few months ago I walked over to South Park to meet An Le, New Relic's business development superstar. Over scones at Town's End, we talked about the challenges facing application developers -- specifically the lack of good introspection tools to illustrate for developers what is broken and why -- and what we could do about that.

Joyent's crack engineering team has been developing analytical tools using DTrace for infrastructure level introspection through the whole stack -- we use these tools internally to help customers identify problems and soon customers will be able to use Joyent Introspection themselves.

New Relic already provides the same benefits at the application level with monitoring and optimization tools for Php, Java, Ruby and more. And this week at Rails.conf the company announced the addition of RUM: Real User Monitoring with their existing app monitoring capability, illustrated in the screenshot above.

This means you can now look at real user requests live to get real-time data about the user experience including page load times, time in request queue, how long a page takes to render and end-user Apdex score! Plus, metrics can be sorted and visualized by geography, by longest time in queue, throughput, etc. -- so IT teams can really start to understand which users are having issues and which aren’t.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Oh my God this is awesome I must have it now!" Well, you're in luck: Not only do Joyent Customers get New Relic Standard for free, you also get a 15% discount on all upgrades including the Professional Edition. If you're a Joyent customer, the only reason you shouldn't be using New Relic right now is if you're running Python (though with a new Python agent on the way, you'll have no excuse soon enough).

This is not automatic -- you do have to sign up and download the agent for your app. But New Relic has made the process really easy, so get started using New Relic's Real Time Application Monitoring and Optimization today!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, or contact me directly.